Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

No offense bro, but I’d sooner my son come to me confessing that he just got a girl pregnant than that he’s gay. That was my big brother years ago when we finally had an adult conversation about my being gay and how we were going to navigate it all with my young nephews and niece. They had just immigrated from predominantly Roman Catholic and socially conservative Philippines. Undeniably, he has come a long way and he treats my partner of 11 years like family. The kids receive cards and presents from Tito Erwin and Tito John. I couldn't be happier. Yet, no offense Kuya, I am certain he still dreads the possibility of homosexuality being genetic.

Oddly, or not, this exchange came to mind when Governor Sanford confessed his Argentine affair, right at the heels of Senator Ensign’s admission that he had been sleeping with an employee. Ensign was reported to have been applauded by his GOP mates upon returning to the Hill for having been, as Senator Corker of Tennessee put it, “very stand-up about it.” Just as the morally upright Republicans had done with the most righteous Senator Vitter after he was identified as a client of the D.C. Madam. It amazes me how these traditional family values folk could readily forgive cheating husbands but not allow committed people to marry just because they happen to be gay. What happened to good Old Testament anger and retribution?

An interesting thing though is the fact that Republicans were not as forgiving of Larry Craig, their wide-stanced colleague from Idaho, especially the momentarily shamed Ensign and Sanford. Ensign had argued that it would be best for the Senate and their party if Craig resigned. That is because Craig was caught soliciting another man – abomination! There’s the lightning bolt.

Edwin Washington Edwards, former governor of Louisiana, once quipped, "The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.” Apparently, conservative male politicians still believe that they can get away with sexual shenanigans so long as it doesn’t involve another man. Just suck it up, call a press conference, admit your mistake, perhaps shed a tear, and if possible, have the wife standing by her fallen (but nonetheless virile) man. After all, boys will be boys.

Wonder how these gentlemen would react to the revelation that one of their female colleagues left the kids with her husband, took a “walk” and met up with her boy toy?

*Tito means uncle while Kuya means big brother.

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