Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Time & A Season

There has been a lot of angst, among some of my Episcopal sisters and brothers, over goings on at the Church’s triennial convention. In particular, whether the moratorium on election of gay bishops will be overturned or not; whether same-sex blessings will be officially sanctioned or not; and whether the Episcopal Church will remain part of the Anglican Communion or not.

It looks like openly gay bishops can soon be called and consecrated again, after both Houses of Deputies and Bishops came up with separate resolutions that articulate the inclusive will of the body politic. The verdict is still out on same-sex blessings. As for remaining within the worldwide consortium, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, said that he regretted the move because it could further fracture the communion.

The latest news has elated many but there are still those who continue to fret over Williams’ disapproval and the possibility of getting kicked out of the Anglican body. I personally have long lost any esteem for Dr. Williams' opinions and pronouncements, as he clearly puts the concept of organizational unity over human worth and dignity. As for remaining within the Anglican Communion, to what end? Has not the "Church" fractured and splintered since the time of Jesus? Contrary to what some would like to believe and proclaim, there is no one true Church but many churches.

What we now have is a church, the Episcopal Church, one among many, but one that truly welcomes all of God's children not just those deemed worthy by other men.

Photograph by Fiona Hanson/AP.

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