Saturday, June 12, 2010

From the mouths of babes

At a gathering last night, I somehow found myself eating at the kid's table (kitchen bar actually). One of the neighbor's kids asked my friend's eight year old girl, nodding at my direction, "Who's that?"

Scout grinned and answered, "that's Erwin from church."

"I don't know him," said Alex, feigning indifference.

"Oh, he's married to Father John." Scout's face betrayed how much she relished sharing that bit of information.

Alex's eyes widened and she started giggling.

"Is there anything wrong with that?" I teased.

"No, no," Alex protested, "I have a friend who has two mommies ... but you're boys!"

"So what?" Scout jumped in. "If two girls can get married, why not two boys?"

"But they're boys!" Alex rebutted. She was about to say more when her three year old brother started screaming for chips.

Living in Northwest D.C. and knowing their parents, I was not fazed by this exchange. But I am curious why Alex thinks it is okay for two girls to marry but not for two boys. Perhaps she doesn't know a kid with two daddies? Maybe it's conditioning? Who knows!

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