Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A last word on Millennials

From Caroline B. in New York:
so i read your blog. i understand that you want something more challenging. please. become a nurse. we are short staff and run around all over the place all the time. we sometimes get a break and we sometimes dont. sometimes you get to eat and sometimes you won't. you could work at wonderful times like me from 7:30 pm until 7:30 am.

but i agree on having a job that's challenging. if a job doesn't challenge your mind and make you learn from your new experience than it isn't probably worth it. having a laid back job is cool...but will get boring after a while. you need a job that keeps you busy.

peeps of my generation are just plain lazy. it's funny cause when you go to the city, everybody think they somebody. everybody wants to have a job that they don't have to do much and make a lot of money. oh yeah, and everyone wanna be famous. one of carlos' co-workers was complaining to him that just cause he's a supervisor and works 9-5 that he should be making $90,000. Get a grip dude.

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