Sunday, August 10, 2008

Response to Generation X

K.B. emailed this comment on Gen X:
The blog is very interesting, mainly because I've never given the whole idea a great deal of thought. Although I fall at the tail end of the "Generation X" category, my situation was rather different than many of my fellow "X-ers." For instance, my family's pretty conservative and my mom quit a wonderful job to stay at home and raise my brother and me. My parents are also still together--not divorced. But I think that these reasons are not societal but religious in nature, my parents being hard-core Roman Catholics. That's an interesting group to survey: those in Generation X whose specific upbringing was governed largely by religious ideas and not so much those of society at large and the "real" world outside of denominational fairy-tale land, which is what the Romans have essentially created. I also recall feeling somewhat different from many of my peers growing up because my parents adhered so closely to certain religious beliefs. Not entirely a bad thing, but it's interesting in how it relates to this discussion. I don't think I'm a typical Generation X person.

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