Monday, August 11, 2008

Responses to Rhythm Method

Al M., a retired doctor & politician emailed:
I enjoyed your blog. The basic flaw in the official Catholic line is: the primary purpose of marriage is procreation. What then is the motivation of older persons getting married, or handicapped individuals? I still think the main reason for getting married is a commitment to a loving relationship. Keep up your fine work.
Pat V., a married professional emailed:
As a person who is on the pill and who does not have any plans of procreating, I am quite shocked at how things haven’t changed back home. I didn’t know the statistics kasi. I guess it’s hard when people believe that the more kids you have, the more “grasya” you’ll get...

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Valerie said...

Yes, or what about 2 younger people who get married knowing they can't conceive? Obviously, marriage is about more than the ability to conceive or not, although maybe this is yet another argument for civil marriage vs church-sanctioned marriage... I know, THAT topic is a whole nother blog!